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Veradis provides expert design, development and integration services for companies seeking to create new business applications or enhance existing ones.

Software Engineering Solutions

Veradis offers custom development services for business across a variety of platforms with strict quality standards, fully integrating them into client's business processes and environments. We have both strategic and execution expertise to support your digital transformation goals.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Veradis provides a comprehensive Business Intelligence and data warehouse consulting services that helps our clients to measure, analyse and optimize business performance across the enterprise. Our BI team has extensive experience in successfully implementing BI intelligence solutions to various clients.

Social Application Development

We helped many companies establish a constructive social media, corporate strategy using some of the leading social media tools available in the market. We have solid development experience in google analytics, social media and mail campaign applications.

Effective use of these social platforms is key for success in your digital marketing initiatives. We can help you expand your brand awareness and customer acquisitions by using a productive social media strategy and execution.


Internet of Things

Tapping the true potential of the Internet of Things is not just about connected devices. The real benefits can only be unlocked when those devices are networked and integrated; allowing their language to be understood and their voices heard. The high volumes of data need to be cataloged, organized, and acted upon in order to derive value from applications of the Internet of Things.

Technical Expertise

We are an experienced software engineering and professional services firm


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